MKPortal C1.2 Upgrade

STEP 1: Check Requirements, MKP Version & Board Compatibility

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Platform: Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OS X, Sun
  • Disc Space: The default installment of MKPortal requires approximately 5 MB of disk space on the webserver. This does not include forum files, additional Portal skins and other add-ons, or user-uploaded files in the Gallery, Downloads, Blog Albums, or TopSite. You will probably want at least 8-10 MB of disc space for a moderate sized Portal community using all of the modules.
  • PHP: PHP 4.1.0 or higher. Note: You will also need to check the minimum system requirements for your board since they may be different than the MKPortal minimum system requirements.
  • MySQL: 3.23.4 or higher (4.1 with phpBB3). Note: You will also need to check the minimum system requirements for your board since they may be different than the MKPortal minimum system requirements.
  • Database: 1 MySQL database with at least 500 KB of storage space for the Portal database tables. The default installment of MKPortal shares the forum database and requires approximately 280 KB of database storage space in addition to the space used by the forum database tables. Of course you will want to have much more database storage space for an active Portal community.
  • GD Graphics Library version 1.0 or higher. The GD library is needed for the Gallery watermark feature and thumbnail creation.

Important note for phpBB3 users: The MKPortal phpBB3 integration has additional requirements:

  • MySQL: 4.1 or higher. Database table collation must also be UTF-8.
  • Language files: MKPortal language files must be UTF-8

MKPortal Version Compatibility:

  • MKPortal M1.0 or greater is required for this upgrade.
  • The "upgrades" directory includes 2 additional upgrade scripts to incrementally upgrade from M08 to M09 or from M09 to M1.0. These should be run (in order of version number) before running "upgrades/index.php" if you are upgrading from M08 or M09.
  • If you need to upgrade a version older than M08 please visit the support forums for assistance.

Board Version Compatibility:

This version of MKPortal is compatible with the following board versions:

  • SMF 1.1.x
  • IPB 1.3.x
  • IPB 2.3.x
  • vB 3.7.x
  • phpBB 2.0.x
  • phpBB 3.x
  • MyBB 1.2.x
  • AEF 1.0.6

STEP 2: File & Database Backup

Before upgrading it is important that you backup the MKPortal files on your webserver and the database (including the forum and MKPortal tables).

STEP 3: Delete Deprecated Files & Directories

It is important for security to delete unused files and directories.

M1.0 or previous versions: If you are upgrading from M1.0 it is important that you delete the "mkportal/include" directory before uploading the new files. Directory structure changed after M1.0.

All versions: Delete the following files from your webserver if they exist. These files have been renamed, deleted or moved.

  • mkportal/include/pmpopup.php
  • mkportal/admin.php
  • mkportal/modules/blog/disclaimer.txt

STEP 4: Upload New MKPortal Files & Directories

Upload the new MKPortal files contained in this package to your webserver overwriting all the old files EXCEPT the following:

  • mkportal/conf_mk.php (MKPortal configuration file)
  • lang/*/lang_blocktitle.php (Custom Block Titles for all languages)
  • mkportal/modules/gallery/wt.png (Watermark image used in MKPGallery)
  • aeforum/universal.php (AEF configuration file, if you use the internal board)

Of course if you have modified your template or other files you will need to add your modifications to the new files. And don't forget to upload the new root MKPortal index.php.

STEP 5: CHMOD MKPortal Files & Directories

Set write permissions for the following files (0666) and directories (0777) including directory contents:

  • mkportal/conf_mk.php
  • mkportal/blog
  • mkportal/blog/images
  • mkportal/blog/images/tmp
  • mkportal/cache
  • mkportal/lang
  • mkportal/lang/English
  • mkportal/lang/Francais
  • mkportal/lang/Italiano
  • mkportal/modules/downloads/file
  • mkportal/modules/gallery/album
  • mkportal/modules/gallery/album/tmp
  • mkportal/modules/reviews/images
  • mkportal/modules/reviews/images/tmp
  • mkportal/templates
  • mkportal/templates/default
  • mkportal/templates/Forum

STEP 6: Run the MKPortal Database Upgrader

Run the upgrader at Simply follow the instructions in the upgrade script to update the MKPortal database tables.

STEP 7: Delete the MKPortal Installer and Upgrader Files

Important security notice! Immediately remove the mk_install.php file and the mkportal/upgrades directory from the server. Do not leave the install script or the upgrade scripts on the server.

AEF users only: Immediately delete the aeforum/setup and aeforum/upgrade folders file from the server for security reasons.

Upgrade is complete. Enjoy using MKPortal.

STEP 8 [Optional] : Edit Board Files

If you want to view the board wrapped inside MKPortal follow the "Edit Board Files" instructions in the install docs. Click your board version below for board-specific instructions.

You may also need to edit board files if you want to set the forum offline while keeping the portal online.

Since the modification code for your board may have changed you may need to re-modify your forum files. It is usually best to start fresh and add the modifications to new default board files.