Duel 95 Reader Version 3 Professional

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Duel 95 Reader Version 3 Professional

Postby admin on Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:49 am

Product Features
Duel 95 Reader Version 3 Professional has much more features then the earlier model. It finally has a wider range of offline browsing with sites that provide offline downloads (Not completely on Web downloadable version) and you can even get products and themes for Windows. V3 Professional also supports this forum and your very own Duel Credit Card with MyCard Extras (Price range is $1 - $5) and you can check your account balance and add credit using an ID that you were emailed and there are more functions online. On the Duel 95 Premium extra pack, you get 25MB storage on this server and you can even share files with other users. There is a media player on Version 2.6 that uses most of the space of the installation package, so we decided to put the media on this server instead (Online browser only). Duel 95 Reader Version 3 Professional supports updating which only works on computers with the internet and when you've finished downloading the installer you have to uninstall your version then open the installer to update it.

Project Information
This is still classifyed as Project Reader 3 because the beta version hasn't even been released for the fact that the Offline browser hasn't been made yet and there are still missing buttons/features.
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