Duel Server 2009

Menai Bike Tour

Welcome, Adam!

This service is exclusive to members who have selected the Duel 95 Professional Team ($2) option on the registration form. Unfortunately, since this is on Duel Server 2009 you canít get instant updates on the server anymore due to FTP problems. Luckily there is an alternate server that this site can link to privately and it hasnít been operated since 2007. The site used to be partnered with Duel 95 Professional (Original) and that site is 95.Duel!

95.Duel offers a fast updating service for the period of time that it needs to be used. It is efficient for what it needs to be used for.

Server database:

*      Global Positioning Satellite Mapping System (GPS Mapping System)

*      Team Updates

*      Other Teams

*      Race Overview

NOTE: The 95.Duel database is being automatically migrated to Google Sites because Google Page Creator is going to be shut down in June 2009. Redirectional links will be used.