MKPortal C1.2 Installation

STEP 1: Check System Requirements & Board Compatibility

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Platform: Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OS X, Sun
  • Disc Space: The default installment of MKPortal requires approximately 5 MB of disk space on the webserver. This does not include forum files, additional Portal skins and other add-ons, or user-uploaded files in the Gallery, Downloads, Blog Albums, or TopSite. You will probably want at least 8-10 MB of disc space for a moderate sized Portal community using all of the modules.
  • PHP: PHP 4.1.0 or higher. Note: You will also need to check the minimum system requirements for your board since they may be different than the MKPortal minimum system requirements.
  • MySQL: 3.23.4 or higher (4.1 with phpBB3). Note: You will also need to check the minimum system requirements for your board since they may be different than the MKPortal minimum system requirements.
  • Database: 1 MySQL database with at least 500 KB of storage space for the Portal database tables. The default installment of MKPortal shares the forum database and requires approximately 280 KB of database storage space in addition to the space used by the forum database tables. Of course you will want to have much more database storage space for an active Portal community.
  • GD Graphics Library version 1.0 or higher. The GD library is needed for the Gallery watermark feature and thumbnail creation.

Important note for phpBB3 users: The MKPortal phpBB3 integration has additional requirements:

  • MySQL: 4.1 or higher. Database table collation must also be UTF-8.
  • Language files: MKPortal language files must be UTF-8

Board Version Compatibility:

Your board software must be installed and functioning correctly before installing MKPortal. The only exception to this is if you are using the AEF integration in which case the MKPortal installer will guide you through the installation of both the board and the Portal

This version of MKPortal is compatible with the following board versions:

  • SMF 1.1.x
  • IPB 1.3.x
  • IPB 2.3.x
  • vB 3.7.x
  • phpBB 2.0.x
  • phpBB 3.x
  • MyBB 1.2.x
  • AEF 1.0.6

STEP 2: Database Backup

Before installing MKPortal it is important that you backup your forum database.

STEP 3: Upload MKPortal Files & Directories

The installation package (.zip) contains the "upload" directory. Transfer the contents of the "upload" folder to your web server being careful to create the required directory structure. If your board's index.php is in your website root you must move all board directories and files into a subdirectory (as shown in the examples below).

Note: With the exception of AEF you may name your forum directory anything you like. You do not have to name it "forum". AEF users should not rename the included "aeforum" directory until after installation is complete.

  • /index.php (MKPortal root index.php file)
  • /mkportal (the "mkportal" directory and its contents)
  • /forum (or the actual name of your forum directory)

MKPortal directory structure screenshot

After uploading the MKPortal files & directories your directory structure should look like the following example.

  • (mkportal root index.php)

You can also run MKPortal in a subdirectory as in the following example. Note that the structural relationship of the /mkportal and /forum directories and the index.php is the same as in the previous example.

  • (mkportal root index.php)

MKPortal may be used with a subdomain if the correct directory structure is maintained.

  • (mkportal root index)

MKPortal will not work with any other directory structure.

STEP 4: CHMOD MKPortal Files & Directories

Set write permissions for the following files (0666) and directories (0777) including directory contents:

  • mkportal/conf_mk.php
  • mkportal/blog
  • mkportal/blog/images
  • mkportal/blog/images/tmp
  • mkportal/cache
  • mkportal/lang
  • mkportal/lang/English
  • mkportal/lang/Francais
  • mkportal/lang/Italiano
  • mkportal/modules/downloads/file
  • mkportal/modules/gallery/album
  • mkportal/modules/gallery/album/tmp
  • mkportal/modules/reviews/images
  • mkportal/modules/reviews/images/tmp
  • mkportal/templates
  • mkportal/templates/default
  • mkportal/templates/Forum

STEP 5: Run the MKPortal Database Installer

Run the installer at Simply follow the instructions in the installer to install the MKPortal database tables and initial data.

STEP 6: Delete the MKPortal Installer and Upgrader Files

Important security notice! Immediately remove the mk_install.php file and the mkportal/upgrades folder from the server. Do not leave the install script or the upgrade scripts on the server.

AEF users only: Immediately delete the aeforum/setup and aeforum/upgrade folders file from the server for security reasons.

STEP 7: Board-Specific Instructions (SMF & phpBB2)

SMF Only:

Navigate to your SMF board Admin > Configuration > Server Settings > Feature Configuration and uncheck the option "Enable local storage of cookies". If you don't disable this option you will have login issues in the Portal.

phpBB2 Only

Edit the phpBB2 forum file: login.php



Important! This string occurs 3 times in login.php. You must replace this string in all 3 occurrences.


Installation is complete. Enjoy using MKPortal.

STEP 8 [Optional] : Edit Board Files

If you want to view the board wrapped inside MKPortal click your board version below for board-specific instructions.

You may also need to edit board files if you want to set the forum offline while keeping the portal online.